If you’re planning on upgrading your bathroom, it might be time to consider replacing your shower screen. There are many benefits to choosing a frameless glass shower screen, but here are just 10 of them that might convince you that this upgrade is worth it!

1) Cleanliness

When you’re looking for a frameless glass shower screen, one of your top considerations will be safety and cleanliness. The same shower space is often used for multiple purposes, so it needs to be able to withstand wear and tear without compromising its appearance or function. With frameless glass, you won’t have any gaps or crevices that are difficult to keep clean.

2) Style

When you choose frameless glass shower screens over a framed door, you get extra storage space and an unobstructed view. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and have much fewer hardware pieces than their framed counterparts. And when it comes to style, frameless glass doors are no match for their brassy counterparts—their transparency makes your bathroom feel more open and airy. But if sleek isn’t what you’re going for, there are lots of other styles available as well.

3) Durability

Glass is much more durable than plastic. As long as it’s well-made, you won’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking under pressure. And, in fact, you don’t have to worry about your bathroom floor getting wet as easily with frameless glass shower screens in place; they tend to drain quickly and are more leak-proof.

4) Security

When it comes to choosing a shower screen for your bathroom, safety must be a major consideration. That’s because frameless glass screens are made without top bars. Because there is nothing in front of you when you shower or bathe, there’s nothing that could potentially slip and fall onto you. This is an important health and safety feature for anyone with children or those who suffer from limited mobility. With all things considered, frameless glass screens provide greater security than other forms of shower enclosures.

5) Easy To Maintain

Unlike more traditional shower screens, frameless glass shower screens are easier to clean and maintain. The edges are easy to reach, which is essential if you want them sparkling for guests or simply looking their best for yourself! This makes them an ideal choice for bathrooms with limited space. Not only can you wipe down these easily reachable areas with ease, but it’s also so much easier than cleaning behind doors and around bulky frames.

6) Low Water Consumption

Frameless glass shower screens are made with water-resistant materials. Therefore, they do not consume as much water while taking a shower. This is especially helpful in regions where there is limited access to fresh water. Just imagine how much your monthly water bill can be reduced if you install frameless glass in your bathroom!

7) Natural Lightning

With frameless glass shower screens, your bathroom will be bathed in natural lighting. Framed and framed glass shower screens can block natural lighting, which may make your bathroom feel stuffy and small. You’ll also avoid unsightly watermarks on your walls caused by steam; keep them free of dampness with glass shower screens.

8) Resistance to Fingerprints

People with children, especially small children, know that things get messy quickly. One of our favorite aspects of frameless glass shower screens is that they resist fingerprints more easily than other types of glass. If you have small children who like to play in or around their bathtubs and showers, you’ll be glad to have frameless glass shower screens. You won’t have to spend time wiping off marks and smudges after every use.

9) Simplicity of Installation

Consider what’s needed for installation. A frameless glass shower screen is so easy to fit, you could do it yourself.

10) Customization

One of the frameless glass shower screen’s biggest benefits is customization. Instead of ordering off-the-shelf and being stuck with whatever size you can find, you can have your new shower screen custom-designed for your space. And because it’s made from glass, each panel comes in virtually any shape, size or color imaginable.

Conclusion : Its better to upgrade your bathroom to Frameless Glass Shower Screen

No matter if you’re building a new home or planning to replace your old one, adding a frameless glass shower screen will improve its value and functionality. Just remember that using tempered glass is important for safety. After all, since you want your bathroom and/or kitchen area to be an inviting space for guests and family members alike, there is no better option than a frameless glass shower screen! Call Now 1300 290 375 or 02 4071 2315 and talk to SYD City Glass Expert. You Can also visit to Facebook page and see their latest work.