A sudden window breakage can be a dangerous and stressful event. This event becomes more dangerous and costly when happens suddenly at your commercial place. One should always be prepared for emergency commercial glass replacement.

Whether it is a completely shattered window or just a crack, it is important to have a plan of attack to resolve the issue as quickly and safely as possible.

SYD City Glass repair team can be there to fix the repair and also risk involved with commercial glasses such as shopfronts, complexes, malls, and office complexes.

What to do when emergency commercial glass replacement is required?

Businesses would never expect accidents as timely or routine check-ups. However, accidents always come up as a surprise in fact as a shock. Keeping a reliable glazier contact can be handy. The following tips will really helpful

Find out the reason how the damage happened

There are a plethora of reasons for shattered windows or shopfront glass, but it’s critical to figure out what caused yours as quickly as possible.

It’s not as concerning if it’s something evident, such as a soccer ball thrown through the glass. If it’s something more serious, such as weather damage or a break-in, you should look into it further to make sure no other components of the building have been harmed.

Commercial glasses are the first point of impression for any kind of customer or client visiting an office or retail store. It’s critical to ensure that your storefront doors and windows are properly installed, safe, and free of damage.

The storefront doors and windows regularly wear out due to the weather and require quick service and maintenance. When there is no post-installation service, the storefront door may shatter. This poses a security and safety risk and necessitates immediate intervention.

Access to the impacted region should be restricted.

Any broken glass should be disposed of with care and consideration. If the broken glass in storefront windows is not fixed, it can pose a threat to shopping owners and the general public.

Ordinary annealed glass is used in many storefront windows, which fractures into huge dangerous shards that can inflict serious injury.

The majority of shop window breakages are caused by vandalism, in which an object is thrown through the glass panel. Large dagger-like pieces result from this form of breaking, which can easily fall and hurt anyone around.

The emergency commercial glass replacement unit of SYD City Glass has specialists who clear and make the impacted area safe for our clients.

Remove the broken glass

The ease and safety of this will be determined by the type of glass in your windows. The most deadly sort of glass is annealed or monolithic glass, which breaks into sharp fragments.

Wearing protective gloves while picking up large pieces of float glass is recommended. Then put them in a newspaper, fold them up, and secure them. Use your vacuum to clear up any remaining glass splinters and immediately empty into a doubled-up plastic bag.

Safety glass will be fitted in your windows and doors if your property was built after 1989. There are two kinds of safety glass available. Toughened glass will shatter into a slew of small blunt fragments.

Although these are unlikely to cut you, we nonetheless urge that you wear protective gloves. You can sweep these up with a dustpan and broom and place them in a doubled-up plastic bag. Then vacuum the area to confirm that all items have been removed.

Laminated glass is the other type of safety glass. Laminated glass is made up of two pieces of glass that are joined in the middle by an interlayer. When laminated glass splits, the glass sticks to the interlayer and cracks in a spider-web pattern.

The easiest glass to clean is this one, and we recommend cleaning the area to pick up any minute splinters from the fractures.

Get in touch with your Insurance Provider

Find out if your business insurance coverage covers emergency glass repair, especially if it was caused by a natural disaster or a break-in. Your insurance company may have certain procedures for filing a claim and who you can contact for glaziers.

Emergency Commercial Glass Replacement | SYD City Glass

Finally, contact SYD City Glass, a competent glazier who can assess the situation and arrange an emergency glass replacement.

We will be able to advise you on the best sort of glass to use for your home and family. If other windows and doors in your home do not match current Australian safety regulations, you may want to consider replacing them now.

Our emergency commercial glass replacement team will be able to solve any scenario, even if it is after hours. You can reach out to us even if you need emergency window or door repair in your home. You can also join our Facebook page for recent discounts and work.