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Looking for reliable glass repairs for your home or business in Enfield NSW 2136? SYD City Glass is your go-to for fast, affordable, and professional services. Serving customers across Enfield from RedFern to Rosebery, we have assisted over 32,000 clients in Enfield and surrounding suburbs like chippendale, Sydney CBD, waterloo, and Ultimo.

We have a wide range of premium glass in our warehouse that meets Australian safety regulations. To guarantee that our glaziers can provide fast same-day glass repair services, including 24/7 emergency glass replacement, we source our glass from reliable local suppliers. Well-known brands like Bunnings Warehouse, Barton Glass, Viridian Glass, Sana Glass Wholesaler, and others are part of our reliable network of suppliers.

Our Glaziers Offer a Range of Glass Repairs in Enfield NSW 2136, Including:

  • Glass door repair and replacement
  • Window repair and replacement
  • Glass shower screen replacement
  • Broken mirror repair and replacement
  • Glass tabletop replacement
  • Kitchen glass splash back installation, repair, and replacement
  • Office glass partitioning
  • Glass balustrade
  • Glass pool fencing
  • Business and retail shopfront glass door repairs and installation
  • Additional commercial glass repairs and installation
  • And many more

Diverse Glass Choices with a Lifetime Quality Guarantee

SYD City Glass provides an extensive array of glass options for both homes and businesses, from clear glass to frosted glass, laminated glass to toughened security glass. With over 50 glass material choices and a network of local suppliers, our Enfield glaziers cater to various budgets and preferences.

Our glass thicknesses adhere to Australian AS1288 standards, ranging from 3mm to 12mm+. Glass material options include standard clear glass (common for homes and businesses), frosted glass, laminated glass, double-layered glass, tempered glass, safety glass, coated glass, and more.

Frame options abound, allowing us to reuse your existing frame if it’s intact, saving you money. In case of frame damage, our glaziers can replace it with choices such as frameless, semi-frameless, wood, aluminium, or a combination of both wood or aluminum and glass.

Our glaziers possess glass-cutting machines in our warehouse, enabling precision cutting of glass into various shapes and sizes. Whether it’s regular shapes like square, rectangle, or round, or custom shapes and sizes to suit your needs, our experienced team ensures smooth edges to prevent injuries and maintain a kid-friendly environment.

For added peace of mind, our glazing services are backed by a Lifetime quality guarantee.

Emergency Glass Repairs And Glass Replacement in Enfield NSW 2136. Available 24/7

Require urgent fixing of your broken glass, even at this moment? Our glaziers are ready to assist. Our Enfield glaziers are on call 24/7 for emergency glass repairs, whether it’s midnight, weekends, or public holidays. Feel free to call our Enfield glaziers NOW.

Residential And Commercial Glass Replacement

Homes and businesses have distinct glass requirements. Home customers often prefer affordable or kid-friendly glass, while businesses lean towards durable glass options that are safe for public and outdoor spaces, with high-quality materials enhancing their public image and potentially driving more sales. Options for businesses include laminated, frosted glass, or tempered security glass with increased thickness.

While we work on repairing your glass, you can continue with your daily activities. Visit a local café like Copper Cafe, explore Always On Sale, or enjoy family time at Simpson Park. Let us alleviate your stress, and we’ll promptly notify you when the work is completed.

Please note that for customers in Enfield, where parking can be limited, our glaziers will discuss all pricing upfront. If you’re happy with our quote, we’ll aim to complete the repairs during one onsite service.

If free parking is unavailable, our Enfield glaziers will use nearby paid parking areas, with any associated fees added to the invoice.

Why Choose Our Enfield Glaziers?

  • Free Estimate. Fast Repairs: Obtain a FREE estimate over the phone, with most repairs completed in a single visit.
  • High-Quality Glass: We prioritize durable, long-lasting glass for sustained satisfaction.
  • Same-day Glass Replacement: Recognizing the urgency of a broken glass door or window, we offer same-day glass replacement.
  • No Fix No Fee: In the unlikely event that we cannot repair or replace your glass, rest assured that no fees will be charged.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee: Present a quote from a local competitor in Enfield, and we’ll beat it by 5%.

How much does it cost to replace a broken glass in Enfield NSW 2136?

Most standard glass services typically cost between $250 to $350. Costs may vary based on dimensions, material, and quality preferences, with oversized glass potentially costing $400 or more.

These prices serve as general information and should be used as a guide only. For a formal quote, please contact our Enfield glaziers.

When can I get my broken glass fixed?

We offer same-day services, including 24/7 emergency glass replacement. Our glaziers carry the most common glass pieces in their vehicles and cut glass to size onsite, facilitating most glass replacements in a single visit on the same day.

For oversized glass, custom-made glass, or specific material preferences, we may need to custom-order for you. Depending on your requirements, our glaziers will provide an estimated turnaround time accordingly. Safety boards can be installed to cover doors and windows in the meantime if needed.

My glass doors, windows, mirrors (or other glasses) are unique and custom-made; have you encountered this before?

With over 32,000 glass repairs spanning more than 15 years, our experience ensures familiarity with almost every type of glass. If a customer claims their glass is unique, it’s highly likely that we’ve encountered a similar case before. In the rare event that your glass is truly unique and unseen by us, we can collaborate with our suppliers to custom-make a solution for you.

Issue: Small, pock-like marks on the glass.

Dealing with small, pock-like marks on glass can be frustrating, but as a Glazier from SYD City Glass in Enfield NSW 2136, we can offer some guidance on addressing this issue:

1. Cleaning:

  • Start by cleaning the glass with a mild soap and water solution to remove any dirt or debris that may be causing the marks.

2. Vinegar Solution:

  • If the marks persist, you can try using a solution of equal parts water and vinegar to gently scrub the affected area. Vinegar can help dissolve mineral deposits that may be causing the marks.

3. Baking Soda Paste:

  • For stubborn marks, you can make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the marks and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing gently with a sponge or cloth.

4. Glass Polish:

  • There are commercial glass polishing compounds available that can help remove pock-like marks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

5. Professional Cleaning:

  • If the marks are extensive or difficult to remove, it may be best to seek professional cleaning services. SYD City Glass offers professional cleaning services for glass surfaces.

6. Prevention:

  • To prevent future marks, consider using a water softener to reduce mineral deposits in your water. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help keep your glass surfaces in top condition.

7. Glass Replacement:

  • In some cases, if the marks are deep or have caused significant damage to the glass, replacement may be necessary. SYD City Glass can provide glass replacement services if needed.

For assistance with small, pock-like marks on your glass surfaces, please contact SYD City Glass. We have the expertise and resources to help restore the clarity and beauty of your glass.

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